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Pineapple Life began as a dream- 

To make waves in wellness; to build a community that warmly welcomes all, just as they are; to inspire a happier and healthier world.

Brandi Cohen Founder of Pineapple Life yoga Samamish Wa

Pineapple Life, Snoqualmie Wa. "Voted best yoga studio" - 425 Magazine.

Our Pineapple Story

About Us


In 2017, Pineapple Life was created in a small town with big plans to make huge waves in the wellness world. The Pineapple Dream began with two lifelong best friends pouring their hearts into something they loved and has evolved into something more beautiful than we could have imagined.


At Pineapple Life, we believe that wellness is all-encompassing: mind + body + soul, and is best grown within a community of inclusiveness, mutual acceptance, and love. Once you walk through our doors, you know immediately you're experiencing something different. We want you to know you belong ~ just as you are.  Helping you to live a happier + healthier life by showing up for yourself is our mission, fully acknowledging the ripple effect this has on the entire world, one person, just like you, at a time.


Let's make waves together.

Let's build community together.

Let's live happier + healthier together.

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Our Pineapple Promise

Pineapple Life promises to be a sanctuary of acceptance, peace and evolution. We will forever welcome the first-timer just as warmly as the advanced.

We believe your journey to wellness and self love begins when you let go of expectations and begin giving yourself grace, believing in your innate ability. Growth takes motivation, determination and practice. We promise to be there to support you every step of the way - encouraging, empowering and educating. 


When we take care of our minds and bodies, we show up as the most patient, loving and compassionate versions of ourselves. The ripple effect of this has the power to make waves big enough to change the whole world. 


Make waves every day.

Living the Pineapple life
Image by Sean O.
Image by Bekir Dönmez
Island Life, Pineapple Life, Palm tree, Yoga, sunset, Image by Jared Rice

New to Pineapple Life, yoga and or wellness? Join our Ohana! 

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