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Whats Your Astrological Sign?

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Discover an in-depth look into your unique birth chart with an astrology forecast 

What is an Astrological Reading? 

Curious about what all the recent hype is around a 'reading'? We got you! 

An Astrology reading (also known as an Astrology Report or Astrology Forecast) is a powerful tool you can use to help understand yourself better. How? The scientific theory is that the alignment of the planets and stars affects your personality, your mood and environment, and influences the behavior of everyone else around you. 

Once you learn about your personal unique chart, you will be able to empower yourself to make your own positive changes in finding balance and fulfilling your goals and dreams.

Looking into the future. Astrology reading

Your First Reading? Here's what to expect

Go into your reading with peace of mind knowing exactly what to expect.

After scheduling your Astrology appointment, a member of our ohana will reach out and confirm your appointment as well as your exact date, time and location of birth.


Next our astrologer, Cheryl Yamamoto, will research your personal birth chart, compiling an in-depth write up of your specific chart as well as how to interpret it.

At appointment time,  you can choose to meet in person inside Pineapple Life Studio's stunning Wellness Sanctuary, designed specifically for astrology, sound healing and energy services.  If you are further away or prefer to experience in your own space, we will happily schedule a personal recorded zoom session (a recorded copy will be sent  for you). All sessions come with an in-depth write up for your keeping.


 You will receive an integrative comprehensive personal map for you to discover yourself, your strengths and  potentials as well as opportunities for self growth and balance.


looking out into the sea. Looking into the future. Astrology reading

Be prepared for an enlightening discussion that will illuminate your potential for the upcoming year as Cheryl combines several different charts to show important themes and focus on the timings of specific life events and how to make the most of this energy. Learn about key dates, eclipse energy and how it will affect your chart.

An Astrology reading/forecast is easily one of the best gifts you can give yourself (or a friend).

If you are still unsure or have questions about a specific reading or what to expect, you are not alone! Please reach out anytime! You can email us here.

Natal Report

Learn your unique sign's strengths, weaknesses and how to empower yourself to make your own positive changes to achieve life balance.

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Deepen your self awareness with your own personalized birth chart and natal report! This includes an in-depth and intuitive interpretation of the zodiac signs, positions of the planets, aspects and how you can make the best use of your energy.  Perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about their strengths and opportunities

and how to better navigate specific challenges and make the most of your life path.

Annual Forecasting Report

Learn your sign's typical weaknesses and how to empower yourself to turn these into strengths.

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The universe provides constant opportunity for growth and change! An Annual Future Forecasting Reading is an excellent tool to enhance your self-understanding and evolution.

Although your Birth Chart will never change, the transits, progressed chart, solar return and solar arcs do! This will help you to be more informed, prepared and in-tune with what the universe has in store for you in the current year ahead.

Be prepared for an enlightening discussion that will illuminate your potential for the upcoming year as we combine several different charts to show important themes and focus on the timings of specific life events and how to make the most of this energy. Learn about key dates, eclipse energy and how it will affect your chart.

A great gift for a friend of loved one who is seeking self-knowledge and to better understand themselves through astrology. 

Relationship Reading

Learn your partners and your signs combined strengths and opportunities  as well as how to empower yourself and each other to build the most beautiful relationship.  

A successful relationship requires work and compromise. Are you interested in digging deeper into your relationship and it's potential for success?

Using an astrological technique called synastry to explore the natal charts of BOTH partners,  areas of compatibility as well as potential areas of stress will be explored in this in-depth and highly intuitive reading. 


A composite chart is constructed to determine the energy created by the couple once they're merged into a relationship.  The dynamics of this relationship will be discussed.  Learn ways to best support your partner as well as the goals of your relationship in this 50 minute Relationship Reading with Astrologer, Cheryl Yamamoto.  Perfect for partnerships and relationships of all kinds.

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Child Astrology Reading

Learn your child's own unique astrological birth chart

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Discover first-hand understanding of the trials and joys of parenthood and all about the uniqueness of their astrological birth chart in this Star-Child Astrological Report.

I study the child's chart as a representation of the book of their life and the many unwritten pages yet to be filled, giving you tools to best help and instruct them in bringing out their special gifts and talents and guiding them towards his or her calling in life.  

Learn about your special star-child in this beautiful colored report, delivered via email, by Astrologer, Cheryl Yamamoto. 

Meet your Astrological Advisor 

Cheryl Yamato Pineapple Life Astrologer

Cheryl Yamamoto


Drawing on several Astrological modalities and by applying her knowledge of Yoga and Energy Healing, Cheryl offers a very personal, intuitive, and unique experience through her Predictive Counseling Astrology Readings. 

Cheryl studied Western Astrology, Astro-Psychology, Human Design Astrology and continues to learn and grow her knowledge base. 

I’ve been fascinated with Astrology from a very young age and to this day it still never ceases to amaze me. When I look at a chart, I see your energetic blueprint as well as your full astrological potential.

A personal Astrological reading with Cheryl  can help you navigate through the different phases of your life, showing you ways to integrate your karmic lessons and shining a light on all of the opportunities for your individual soul growth and evolution in this lifetime.