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March 21st- April 19th

If you were born between March 21th - April 19th, you are Aries. Aries is a cardinal fire sign, the first of the twelve zodiac signs, and they’re very comfortable with being first. This is because Aries is known to take initiative and get things started, and once you have a fully committed Aries, they’re extremely competitive, blazing trails and stopping at nothing to achieve their goals (they don’t like to lose).

Aloha Aries!

Capricorn Photo- ADOBE. DESIGN- CIERRA M

Featuring your Aries signs' unique elements


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My Sign





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Ruling Planet


Traits of being a



This brave and pioneering sign can use it’s fiery temper to their advantage when it comes to seeking the truth in situations. Like fellow fire sign Sagittarius, Aries can be quite blunt and brutally honest when telling you how they feel or what they think of any given situation.The part of the body associated with this sign is the head, brain, face and eyes and thus Aries can be prone to chronic headaches or migraines. The energetic center of the body, or the Chakra associated with Aries is the 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus, Manipura and it is no coincidence that this is the power center of the body that governs our convictions, our willpower and ego.

Aries are strong and once they set their minds to something or someone they will literally stop at nothing to achieve their goal. They’re truly the most courageous and ambitious sign with unmatched determination and drive. Sure, they can be impulsive at times and speak without a filter, but we love our fiery Rams and only wish we could be half as spontaneous, daring, ambitious, competitive and bold as you are, dear Aries!

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Discover your Aries strengths and weaknesses to empower yourself to make your own positive changes to create harmony & balance.



Positive Traits

Adaptable, Quick Thinking, Initiator, Athletic and Ambit.


Negative Traits

Lack of Patience, Quick Tempered, Impulsive and Aggressive.

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Most Compatible Match

Aries is most compatible with Leo or Sagittarius

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Least Compatible Match

Aries is least compatible with Cancer or Pisces

Running in Nature

 I Crave

Aries Crave Change.

Meditation by the Sea

I Fear

Aires fear losing a fight.

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My Mantra


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Best Professions

Lawyer, Athlete, Sports Coach, Firefighter, Doctor, Surgeon, Stockbroker, Entrepreneur, Manager, Sales Rep, or a Real Estate Agent.

Balancing Aries

Discover your Aries strengths and weaknesses to empower yourself to make your own positive changes to create harmony & balance.

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Aries should make sure to do exercises that go against their nature, to help bring more balance into their lives. Activities like guided meditation, yin or restorative yoga, massage, Reiki, or anything that requires them to slow down, and yes, sit still and get quiet. This is because their minds are running a million miles a minute and they must train themselves to bring in more balance in order to avoid migraines, headaches, and overall adrenal fatigue. They will be drawn to the more physical practices, like Power Yoga and the warrior poses, which are great, but they must also learn to incorporate the exact opposite. Incorporating a daily meditation practice and also yin yoga practice will help type A Aries relax and tap into their true power and potential.

Unique Health & Physical traits of being a


Learn your sign's strengths weaknesses and how to empower yourself to make your own positive changes to balance and influence your future.


 Tissue State


Yoga Practice

Body Part

Head, Brain, Face and Eyes.

White Structure


Headaches, Fevers, Sore Eyes, Inflammation, Mental Afflictions, Rashes, Hair and Memory Loss, Fits of Anger and Insomnia.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field


Remedies for Imbalanced Aries: Cooling herbs, guided meditation, martial arts and yoga, self defense classes, and athletic competitions.

Yoga at Home

My Rituals

Blessings for any new projects, rites of passage for children and teens, fire rituals, and firewalking.

Best Yoga Pose



My Herbal Allies

Ginger, Yarrow, Vervain, Hawthorn, Wild Oat


Essential Oils

Ginger, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Orange, Neroli, Patchouli, and Lemon

The best profession for an Aries would be anything that is constantly changing and exciting. We see a lot of our professional athletes are Aries, and they make great Emergency Room Doctors, Surgeons, Stockbrokers, Sales Rep, Real Estate Agents, Managers, and a large majority of Aries are Entrepreneurs as well.

Best professions for Aries

The best fit professions according to your unique astrological sign 


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