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November 22nd - December 21st

If you were born between November 22nd and December 21st, you’re a Sun sign Sagittarius.

This sign is the most optimistic sign of the Zodiac and that is partly because they’re a mutable fire sign ruled by the Planet of Luck and Abundance, Jupiter.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and reflects the most light from the sun, this is why it’s called the great benefic, and is the luckiest of all planets, therefore Sag is the luckiest of all signs.

Aloha Sagittarius!

Capricorn Photo- ADOBE. DESIGN- CIERRA M

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Early Winter

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Ruling Planet


Traits of being a


Lucky and happy-go-lucky by nature, Sagittarius is a truth seeking sign that craves knowledge and truth, and is drawn to the more metaphysical or religious side of things seeking the truth in the situation. The truth will set you free, is a great Sagittarius motto.

This sign likes to dream and dream big, and they also are not afraid to follow their dreams, even without the support of others. They require a great deal of freedom and space and therefore are best matched with fellow fire sign, Aries, who is also bored quickly and can deal with changes, but air signs, Gemini and Libra also intellectually stimulate Sag and show them how to speak with tact and grace.

Sag will have to work much harder with the more traditional earth signs, like Virgo and Taurus, who want to hold them down. Sagittarius craves their freedom and fears confinement and sometimes commitment.

It is difficult to get full commitment from a Sag because they’re always onto the next best thing and believe the grass is greener on the other side. This can translate into upsets in relationships when Sag doesn’t fulfill their promises or falls short of their commitments. One thing is certain with Sag and that is you will hear exactly what they think. This sign does not have a filter and will give it to you straight and does not sugar coat anything.

One of Sagittarius best qualities is their ability to see a future vision and to take action towards that vision. They’re almost always in a good mood and if they’re upset, it won’t be for long as Sagittarius is eternally happy and really wants to have a good time and party. They are amazing friends and great like fellow fire sign, Leo, always want to make you happy. Wise beyond their years, Sagittarius shows us how to be brave and reach for the stars!

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Discover your Sagittarius strengths and weaknesses to empower yourself to make your own positive changes to create harmony & balance.



Positive Traits

Optimistic, Future seeking, truth seeking, loves to explore and travel the world, wise, athletic, Lucky


Negative Traits

Pollyanna, Prideful, Believes the grass is always greener on the other side, dogmatic, accident prone

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Most Compatible Match

Leo, Libra, Gemini, Aries

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Least Compatible Match

Cancer, Virgo or Taurus

Running in Nature

 I Crave

Sagittarius craves freedom.

Meditation by the Sea

I Fear

Sagittarius fears confinement and commitment.

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My Mantra


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Best Professions

Teacher, Banker, Trading and Marketing

Balancing Sagittarius

Discover your Sagittarius strengths and weaknesses to empower yourself to make your own positive changes to create harmony & balance.

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Physically, Sag rules the hips, thighs, buttocks, liver, lower spine and nervous system. Imbalances can manifest into physical alignments such as sciatica, gout, bruising, hip injuries, brain injuries, and liver disease.

Accident Prone, sports related injuries, gout, sciatica, bruises and inflammation, fevers, hip injuries, hip replacement, brian injuries, accidents of all kinds, from physical to automobile, Liver disease, over opinionated, dogmatic.

This sign is known for saying something and immediately wishing they could take it back, but of course it is too late. Sagittarius isn’t necessarily the best at admitting when they’re wrong and apologizing. Along with fellow fire sign, Leo, Sag can be prideful and even dogmatic when their views are challenged.

The main karmic lesson for Sagittarius is to use the transforming power of fire to change their unrefined way of speaking, adding more tact and diplomacy and working on sweetening their delivery. They must learn to expand their minds by seeking out new experiences and at the same time staying in the present moment in order to evolve in this lifetime.

Sagittarius is mutable fire and that means they have a ton of energy at their disposal and mutability is energy in motion, so Sag likes to get up and go and get things done-now, not later. They lack patience and this can manifest into accidents and assumptions.

Sag, along with fellow fire sign, Aries, are both accident prone and must safeguard against vehicle accidents and physical accidents and can do so by slowing down and moving with intention. Sag is also quick to assume and therefore quick to judge. It would behoove them to slow down, ask questions first before just assuming and then acting or speaking on their assumptions.

Energetically, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter rules the second or Sacral Chakra, this gives Sagittarius access to amazing amounts of creative and sensual energy. Sagittarians who take the time to do a daily ritual of meditation, yoga and creative journaling or writing will increase their intuitive powers. Fire rituals and detoxifying tonics are great for balancing the Fiery energy Sag brings.

Unique Health & Physical traits of being a


Learn your sign's strengths weaknesses and how to empower yourself to make your own positive changes to balance and influence your future.


 Tissue State

Dry/Atrophy or Hot/Excitation

Yoga Practice

Body Part

Thighs, Hips, buttocks, Lower spine, Liver, Nervous system

White Structure


Accident Prone, sports related injuries, gout, sciatica, bruises and inflammation, fevers, hip injuries, hip replacement, brian injuries, accidents of all kinds, from physical to automobile, Liver disease, over opinionated, dogmatic.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field


Remedies for Imbalanced Sagittarius: Anti Inflammatory herbs, liver tonics, meditation, devotion to higher learning, asking questions before assuming, physical outlet such as sports or exercise

Yoga at Home

My Rituals

Metaphysical studies, religious studies, international travel, professional endeavors, meditation, sports and yoga

Best Yoga Pose

Archer Pose


My Herbal Allies

Sweet pea, peach, lavender, yellow dock, Calendula and Sage


Essential Oils

Clary Sage, Lavender, Lemon, Neroli, Tangerine

Sagittarius rules the 9th house domain of International Travels and Higher Learning, so they have this natural predisposition to see the potential opportunities.

Sagittarius is always up for a good adventure and they love to travel! They are also risk takers and gamblers and some are actually professional Gamblers and very successful at it! Sag makes a great Stock Broker, Banker, Trader, and great with Start-up Businesses as they’re not afraid to take a risk and go for it.

The Mantra for Sag is: I AM LUCKY, and lucky they are indeed! This makes Sag a great Salesperson, Travel Agent, Researcher, Teacher, Philosopher, Professor, Ambassador Import/Export Expert, or Artist; anything that provides a dynamic environment with little structure and repetition will be well received by Sag.

Best professions for Sagittarius

The best fit professions according to your unique astrological sign 


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