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Mutual Benefits

WorkWell Benefits both Employee & Employer

Employee and employer mutually benefit with WorkWell by Pineapple.

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Employer Benefits:


  • Tax Deductible

  • Affordable

  • Lowers Medical Spend

  • Improves Morale

  • Increases Productivity

  • Boosts physical health.

  • Provides mental health tools

  • Lowered absenteeism

  • Builds Community

  • Encourages wellness

  • Improves focus

  • Retention and Recruitment Package Upgrade


Employee Benefits:


  • Easily Accessible

  • Involves your family

  • Physical + Mental

  • Variety of Styles, Lengths and Intensity

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Lowered Anxiety

  • Improved physical health

  • Lessened risk of depression

  • Connection + Community

  • Inspiration + Motivation


At the Beach


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), productivity losses related to personal and family health problems cost U.S. employers $1,685 per employee per year, or $225.8 billion annually.