All Levels Welcome + Modifications Always Available

In this heated class, you will experience a variety of Hatha poses designed to increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and promote balance.

Hot Hatha

Yoga Reiki Vinyasa/Yin unites two ancient healing traditions. Poses will be held longer in a warm room and Reiki energy will be given. Yoga Reiki Vinyasa classes will be a variation of standing, seated and lying on the mat.

Yoga Reiki


Through color with the healing salt wall, sounds of singing bowls, postures to open up the Chakras, warmth of the infrared heat and the calming aroma of essential oils. With a slower pace and longer hold times this class will allow you to connect within and nurture you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Chakra Healing Flow

This class is very restorative in nature.  Using props to support the body, poses are held a little longer allowing for the release of connective tissues (fascia) while increasing joint mobility. You can expect to leave feeling balanced, centered and relaxed. Great for increasing flexibility and mobility. 

Chill Yin

Bathe in the beautifully soothing and healing vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and Tibetan metal singing bowls during this yin/restorative style practice. Class includes a long guided Yoga Nidra meditation, samples of our Sound Healing Massage, and light Reiki Energy Massage.

Sound Healing Reiki

A fun, full body workout set to upbeat music specifically designed and timed high intensity interval training sequence incorporating light weights, core strengthening and cardio endurance.


Now is the time to maintain a healthy mind and body with prenatal yoga. This class focuses on poses for pregnant women, in order to increase strength and flexibility. It also helps pregnant women to develop proper breathing and relaxation techniques for easier and more comfortable labor.

Pineapple Prenatal

Pineapple Power will take you through an invigorating, dynamic and challenging flow that will leave you feeling focused and fit.

Pineapple Power

This all levels heated class is a motivating mix of Hatha and Vinyasa combined to enlighten and elevate your practice. Sprinkled with a little bit of magic alongside our soothing salt wall lights, you will leave this class uplifted and bursting with positive Pineapple Energy.

Pineapple Fusion

The word "Yoga" means union of body and mind, and mindfulness comes in many variations. In a warm room during this hour long class you will experience an array of Zen and Vedic Meditation techniques.  

Meditative Yoga

Move fluidly from one posture to another while synchronizing breath and movement in this heated dynamic flow. Leave feeling energized and inspired. 

Vinyasa Flow

Sculpt is a total body workout that will engage each large muscle group by combining plyometrics and yoga in a calorie burning, cardio interval, light weight lifting and energizing class.


Focus on building core strength and toning through low impact exercises aimed at strengthening muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility.

Hot Pineapple Pilates

Created especially for our Tween/Teen program - practice breathing techniques to calm, energize and balance. This class will help build endurance and strength while also promoting balance.

Youthful Yoga

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