Astrological Readings

The alignment of the planets and stars affects your personality, your mood and environment, and influences the behavior of everyone else around you!  A Personal Astrology Forecast is the ultimate guide to interpreting your personal cosmic energy and using that information to take control of your destiny.  Discover how the planets really do influence us all, while learning more about yourself and your loved ones, in the process.

We take a look at what is coming up for you in 2020 in areas of:

Love & Romance, Health, Career & Work, Relationships & Children, Home & Family, Finances and Self Worth.

A personal reading is enlightening on many levels. It can really help prepare you for future events, help guide you through current events and even help you to better understand and heal past events.

We have some heavy Eclipses coming up in 2020- find out what area of your life will experience major change and be prepared to make the best of it.

A future forecast astrology reading is great for:

  • Avoiding Strains in Marital Relationships

  • Discovering Key Dates for Business & Professional Matters

  • Increasing Health & Vitality

  • Discovering your Purpose

  • Determine Best Dates for Surgery & Scheduled Procedures

  • Learn if you will find love or marriage or if a relationship will end

  • Family Planning

  • To find out best dates and location for a move or relocation

  • To learn how to best navigate through 2020

Annual Forecasting 


Natal Report

 Relationships Reading
(Synergy Chart) 

Child Astrology



Cheryl Yamamoto


Cheryl Yamamoto, E-RTY200, is a Certified Sound Healing and Reiki Massage Practitioner as well as a Certified Yoga Teacher for over a decade and has dedicated her life to the practice of Yoga and Wellness. Cheryl’s loving and healing touch, along with her calming voice, guide you into a deep meditative state. She creates and holds a sacred and safe space for your energy, using the vibratory frequencies of the bowls, and applied Reiki techniques. It is in this altered state that our body’s own natural innate ability to receive, repair and replenish, is activated and achieved.

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