Frequently asked questions


Why are classes always booked?

Due to state safety mandates and to keep our members and staff protected and to prevent the spread of covid-19, we have significantly reduced class sizes; following the 6 feet apart guidelines.

Can I cancel my class?

Yes of course, things come up! To allow other students your valuable spot, we ask that you please cancel 24 hours before so the next person on our waiting list may be able to enjoy the class. To avoid a late cancelation fee, please cancel your class within 24 hours. Thank you for being mindful and giving others the oppurtunity to enjoy your reserved spot.

Where can I sign up for a class?

You can sign up for a class right from our Pineapple Life Website here, or you can download our Pineapple Life app (for your ios device here or your Android device here. If you have any problems with scheduling or need any assistance, please let us know! Please contact us at or call us at 425.908.9030. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

What are your Prices?

You can find our class prices right here.

Beginner's Yoga Guide

I have never done yoga, what should expect?

Aloha and welcome! Pineapple Life has been welcoming new members of every age, athletic skill and background ever since our doors opened 2017. Let us be the first to WELCOME you! Everyone has been in your shoes at one point and starting anything new can feel exciting, uncomfortable, or a mixture of both! Here is an idea of what to expect: -Decide what day, time and class you would like to try (you can find the different classes we offer and sign up here from our website or you can download our Pineapple Life app (for your ios device here or your Android device here. -Arrive at Pineapple Life Studio 15-20 min early so our front desk ohana can sign you in. Be sure to let us know it is your first time, we would love to show you where to put your things (coat, shoes, etc), where the water fountains are located, extra towels (you might get sweaty!), restrooms and beautiful floor to ceiling himalayan salt yoga room. -Wear comfortable, loose and breathable clothing. Bring a water bottle (we have water fountains as well as bottled water for sale) and bring a mat from home or a large towel if you would like. We have a large assortment of matts available for purchase if you wanted one of your own; or update the one you have. -Please wear a mask until you are situated on your spot inside the yoga room, this is where you may remove your mask if you are comfortable doing so. If you need to get up to use the restroom, towl, or any reason from your designated spot in the yoga room, please put your mask on again. -In the yoga room, remember that everyone was new at some point. The freeing thing about yoga is that we are all on different levels depending on what our body will allow us to do. *I am one of the managers and do not fit into a size 2 pair of pants, I can not touch my toes and I am proud of myself for showing up and respecting my body and not pushing myself to keep up with anyone, but myself. Some days I have strong balance in my poses, other days I struggle to hold the same exact pose or any balance at all! This is ok! Knowing that I do not have to stand up to try to be or appear to be what I think is perfection is supposed to be. Feeling unjudged and being imperfect like everyone else is what gives me motivation to do what is best for myself. Knowing I am imperfect and accepted by everyone else truly sets me free. I hope Pineapple Life brings you the same comfort that it has brought so many others in my same shoes and different from me. Together we are all beautifully different, imperfect and stronger together. -During the class a Pineapple Life instructor will guide you step by step through the entire class. The beginning is a slow gentle warm up to get your body slowly warmed and mind calm and not racing. The middle of class requires more effort. Sometimes you will be able to follow your instructor's guidance, other times you might choose to lay on your mat or stay in a stretch longer. My advice is to always listen to your body. -After class please take your time getting up. Don't be tempted to rush out because others are stirring around you. When you are ready, place your mask back on and either use our mat sanitizing spray to spray away any perspiration or you may roll your mat up and leave the salt yoga room to find your shoes and other belongings in the lobby. -Regardless of how you exit, be sure to acknowledge that you did something truly beneficial for -you- today. This is the beginning of -you- feeling stronger, more centered-balanced-grounded, more positive, more confident, more calm, more healthy, more focused, and more mindful. Acknowledge the effort it took for you to complete your first class and be grateful that you took time out (let's all do this more often!) for your wellness. Welcome to not only feeling well, but also being well within yourself. Namaste, Pineapple.


Covid Safety

What safety measures are being taken during COVID at Pineapple Life?

The safety of our staff and members is paramount. We have state of the art infrared heating panels that radiate heat (like the sun) to heat our yoga room. Unlike forced air, the air in our yoga room is not recirculated or blown around. For an extra measure of safety, we have hepa filters that fiterate the air quality. All Pineapple staff and our members are required to wear masks. We required temperature checks for both staff and Members. We have converted to a touchless check in. Door knobs, countertops, writing utensils and floors are on a posted/check off cleaning schedule. Additional hand sanitizing units provided throughout the studio. We offer contactless payments. Our class sizes are significantly reduced to 25% capacity and marked 6 feet apart. Social distancing enforced.

How is the studio heated? Is the air recirculated and blown

Great question. The heat is not recirculated or blown throughout the heated yoga room. Pineapple Life has state of the art infrared heating panels that radiate heat (like the sun) to heat the room, not by forced air.

Are masks required?

Yes! Masks are required inside the studio. It keeps you, other members and our Pineapple staff protected. Once you have found a spot inside the yoga room, you may remove your mask. If you need to get up from your mat for any reason, we ask that you please wear your mask before moving from your spot.