Our kids summer camps are back for 2021! 

Space is limited, sign up in advance to save your camper's spot. 

Kids Summer Camps 2021

What To Pack


Will kids be separated by age?


Sometimes, yes. Each activity is created with a specific age in mind


Is there a sibling discount?


Yes! $25 off per sibling. Use Coupon Code: HappyCamper for siblings at checkout


Is there a multi week discount?


Yes! $50 off each child, each extra week


Is there an option to add lunch time?


Yes! For $10/day kids can stay late or come early for lunch time.


Why is Crowns only for girls?


It is our mission to help shape strong, confident and kind females.


Why not a boy's camp?


Interest hasn't been there and lack of male staff.


Will there be exercise everyday?


Absolutely! All levels, fun and age appropriate


Do they have to do yoga?


Nope! We make it fun and encourage them, but this is their camp and want them to enjoy it!


How many kids per camp?


12 maximum, 3 camp counselors


For any questions or additional information, please email us at aloha@pineapplelife.com

Namaste, Pineapples.