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Codi Ventura

UI/UX Web Designer

  • My Sign


  • Favorite music, artist, genre

LowFi Beats, 90's Gangsta Rap, 80's Pop, 90's Alternative, Smooth Jaz & Hip Hop

  • Why Pineapple?

Pineapple Life is magic. The Pineapple is the universal symbol of welcome, at Pineapple Life, everyone feels genuinely welcomed when they come through the doors. Pineapple has not only encouraged me to shine and be confident in myself, it has freed me of any past guilt of trying to live up to unrealistic standards and perfection. That is a big weight lifted and it feels invigorating to let it go! Helping bring Pineapple life and it's beautiful message to to life along side my best friend is a DREAM come true.

  • Favorite class at Pineapple?

YinYasa & Deep Stretching Yin

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