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Kim Hutchinson

Pineapple Blog Writer + Editor & Yoga Instructor

  • My Sign

Sagittarius - Scorpio rising, Capricorn moon🤓

  • Favorite music, artist, genre

My favorite music is the kind that gives you chills and makes you want to stay parked in the driveway to finish a song🤍
Bob Moses
Lana Del Rey
Phoebe Bridgers
Beach House
The Lumineers
And some good 90’s rap/hip-hop mixed in there🙃

  • Why Pineapple?

This community is like my non-biological family. So supportive, caring, available, adaptable, and present. It grounds me, supports my overall well-being (physically + mentally) and it’s no exaggeration to say it has saved my life and made me a better human.

  • Who or what motivates you?

Honestly, everyone. I’m so inspired by the students who SHOW UP and work so hard. I’m motivated by the unique and creative (both seasoned and brand new) teachers whose classes I get to take. And all the survivors and dreamers who I’m fortunate to see/meet on the daily.

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