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2023, resolutions or not?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

As the year winds down and we tilt ever farther away from the sun, it’s natural for us to settle into a state of stillness and reflection. These dark days of winter invite us to retreat inside - both literally, and metaphorically. As is often the case during this time, we take stock of the year behind us and plan for the next twelve months ahead. Traditionally this is when we feel compelled to make our bulletpoint list of resolutions. Afterall, January 1st represents a fresh new beginning, a new opportunity to start again, a brand new year to manifest all our desires and realize our greatest potential. There is a significant amount of hope as we float on the cusp of an ending and prepare for something in the distance we might see as chock full of opportunity. The truth is, the new year is overflowing with possibility. To be fair, every morning you wake up is as well. Just as the very next breath you take is. Just as each and every single moment is. Grandiose resolutions for the new year are lovely, but they can potentially set us up for disappointment if we don’t approach them mindfully, and if we’re not compassionate with ourselves when things don’t go exactly as planned.

We are all heading into the new year as our same selves, and simply because we flip the page on the calendar doesn’t necessarily mean we’re automatically a new and improved version. I wish that were the case but alas, it’s not quite that simple. The good news, however, is we absolutely can affect change in powerful and significant ways by consistently choosing what we’re moving toward. It might be helpful to resolve ro set daily intentions that support your mental and physical health. It could be helpful to resolve to treat yourself like a beloved friend, offering yourself kindness, opportunities for growth and strength, and grace when things don’t go as planned. It might be helpful to reflect on how you wish to feel, rather than what you wish to have. Whatever it is you’re moving toward in the new year, know that you have the strength and ability to create the healthful gratifying life you envision. We are here to support you every step of the way at Pineapple Life.

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