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Lemurian Quartz – Removes emotional and karmic hurts from heart. Instills unconditional and compassionate love. Removes ties and dissolves abused heart energy imprints from Lemuria and Atlantis. Encourages independence in your present life.

These beautiful crystals are masters of clearing the energy field when used correctly, they are dissolvers of negativity clearing away outmoded energy and revitalizing the chakra system.

The legend has it that these loving people programmed their crystals with ancient wisdom and knowledge which were then buried in the ground for safe keeping.

When the humans had risen in vibration enough to be ready for the wisdom to reemerge and be used for positive means to progress and awaken the crystals would be rediscovered.

Their main message is the message of oneness, reminding us that while we are all individuals we are connected to, and of each other. Lemurian Seed Crystals are believed to help you link with the Divine by meditating on the striations on the sides of the crystals – some call these the ladders to heaven because of this belief.

*RARE* Natural Lemurian Quartz Point

$165.00 Regular Price
$148.50Sale Price
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