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  • Bio-Energy Healing Series

    In Bio-Energy therapy, the practitioner works with the client’s life energy field. The practitioner, acting as a conduit of universal energy using their hands to focus this energy, is able to clear, change, and balance the energy field restoring the normal flow of qi. How long this process takes is very individual and for how long the energy field remains in a healthier state is up to the client. For long-standing improvements in health and happiness, Energy therapy must be supported by life changes. If, for example, digestive issues are the concern, then the diet must also be addressed, as any system, no matter how healthy, cannot support extended periods of consuming processed and artificial food stuffs. A Bio-Energy Healing Series of 5 sessions is the recommended course for treatment. A series of consecutive treatments are done either 4 days in a row, or one week apart for 4 weeks - in addition, a follow up session 3 weeks later. Both options work equally well; it’s whatever best suits a client’s schedule and availability. Each session is about 90 minutes. As an added bonus, clients will have an opportunity to experience Quantum Frequency Healing applications during a few of the 5 sessions.

  • Complimentary Consultation Call

    This call will be the perfect time to deepen your understanding of bio-energy healing as well as have any questions answered. Knowing what to expect will help you to look forward to beginning this healing process if you determine you’d like to proceed after our call.

  • Distant Bio-Energy Healing Series

    Distant Bio-Energy Healing is the natural capacity within all of us to connect with a person at a distance to enable the body to heal itself. The healer does not need to be physically present with the client as the healing is equally effective over any distance, whether the client is in another room, another town or on the other side of the globe. Distant Bio-Energy Healing therapy includes a series of 4 sessions, scheduled over 4 consecutive days.

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