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  • Reiki & Energy Healing

    Reiki is shown to reduce anxiety and pain while facilitating the natural flow of energetic healing by lightly placing the hands on the body or holding them slightly above the body in specific way to encourage the body's natural ability to heal. Our certified Reiki Practitioners simply hold space and become the conduit for divine healing prana (life force energy) to flow through the body and promote healing and calm. A great addition to your reiki treatment is to end with a "sacred smudge" smudging with Sage or Palo Santo to clear and balance you energetically. Dress comfortably, in layers. You will be fully clothed, on a massage table during the duration of the Reiki treatment. Eye Pillows are provided.

  • Deluxe Fly

    Host an aerial party like no other! Take your 'wings' and fly together for a soaring experience inside Pineapple's glowing Himalayan Salt Studio! This package includes: -1 hour aerial (or non-aerial) yoga party in our Himalayan Salt Studio. -30 minute picture frame craft party favor: Frame Craft creation includes individual frames each guest will decorate as well as individual Polaroid pictures of each guest with the guest of honor to add to their personalized frames to take home! -bubble bar. -30 minute Pizza Party. We take care of all the details so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the party! We can accommodate more than 10 guests as well as offer yoga without the aerial. For more information and to book your aerial party, please reach out to: to help create the perfect aerial experience! Total party time: 2 hours Total Guests: 3 - 10 people Due to high demand and limited space, we cannot offer refunds at this time. We can, however, reschedule or allow credit for other Pineapple products. We completely understand things happen and we will work with you to find a solution always.

  • Healing w/Himalayan Salt Session

    The benefits of being in the Himalayan Salt Studio are overwhelming! For starters, if you suffer from asthma, allergies, headaches, skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, simply just being exposed to and breathing in the Himalayan salt offers a natural way to heal. This is a comfortable session and you will just lay down and listen to some relaxing music and simply take deep steady breaths as the Himalayan Salt does it magic! Room is slightly heated but can be modified, heated more or less, to meet your specific needs.

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