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Ice Skating/ Hockey

  • 1 h
  • From 69 US dollars
  • Pineapple Life Studio or Athlete's Local Facility

Service details

Both Ice Skating and Hockey are physically demanding sports that involves quick movements, high-speed skating, and physical contact. Proper athletic conditioning helps athletes improve their strength, endurance, flexibility, and agility, reducing the risk of injuries such as sprains, strains, and fractures. It also enhances muscular balance and stability, which can prevent overuse injuries. Pineapple Life instructors will incorporate an athletic conditioning and recovery formula improve an athlete's physical abilities, including speed, power, agility, and endurance. By implementing specific training programs, athletes can enhance their on-ice performance. Improved strength and power can lead to faster skating, more powerful shots, and stronger body checks. Enhanced endurance allows players to sustain their energy levels throughout the game, resulting in improved overall performance. Choose from our stunning salt studio or your facility. Pricing begins at $69 and each session is customizable. Please reach out to either: or for questions and or assistance.

Contact us


7725 Center Blvd SE, Snoqualmie, WA, USA

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, we ask that you please contact us at least 48 hours in advance before. Please contact us at for assistance. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer refunds. We will reschedule or work to find another mutually agreed-upon exchange.

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