July 25th, 2020 we will be hosting our annual Pineapple Paradise Yoga Summer Festival at Snoqualmie Ridge Park.  This is a day filled with Aerial yoga class, variety of Yoga classes, Barre/Ketllebooty, vendors, entertainment, VIP lounge, food and Kids Zone.  Fun day for the whole family.  


Brighten up your school breaks/summer Pineapple Life Style! We are so excited to invite kids ages 4-11 to join us for Yoga Camp Bliss.  We will spend out time connecting deeply, moving our bodies with different forms of Yoga, Barre and Aerial Yoga, creatively crafting, setting our minds and emotions with meditation and having the best time.


With Private yoga classes you will get personalized instruction based on your health, your goals, and your experience.  Your instructor will work with you on your personalized alignment needed to feel healthy, strong and good in each posture.  Private yoga instruction can help you  understand the basics of yoga or if you are an experienced yogi it can help deepen your practice. Learn more about our private session to start your yoga journey.



Pineapple Life Studios offer unique, educational and fun workshops throughout the year.  We offer Yoga workshops, Aerial Yoga workshops, Rieki, Yin, Myofasicial Workshops.  We also host fun events like Champange and Chakras, Buddha Barre, Mother and Daughters. 


The alignment of the planets and stars affects your affects your personality, your mood and environment, and influences the behaviors of everyone else around you.  A Personal Astrology Forecast is the ultimate guide to interpreting your personal cosmic energy and using that information to take control of your destiny.   


Research shows that a company providing consistent means of wellness leads employees to feel better both mentally and physically, guiding them to become more efficient in every aspect. Your work force feels valued, increasing loyalty and retention. Employees feel healthier, decreasing absenteeism and a mulititude of other potential costs. Pineapple's WorkWell program can help your company.


You can get your 200-Hr Yoga teacher training, Aerial Yoga training and Barre & Core teacher training done at Pineapple Life Studio with Cheryl Yamamoto and her team. Visit our teacher training page for more infomation.


Sound massage reduces stress, promotes deep healing and relaxation, decreases mood swings & pain, improves sleep and balances the energy centers of the body. The vibrations and frequencies penetrate deeply past the tissues and muscle, into the bone and recalibrates every cell of the body.


Life is busy; we get it.  Don't ever let that be an obstacle to prevent you from achieving a balanced mind.body.spirit.  With Pineapple Life Online Videos we've got your back.  We have created the perfect series of videos ranging from meditations to connect & calm, to Bootcamp Vinyasa, which is sure to inspire and energize your body!  Purchase access to these courses individually or in our thoughtfully selected bundles. Start living the Pineapple Life today!

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