Sound Healing Massage

 Salt Therapy + Sound Healing Massage + Reiki= AMAZING


Through this ancient healing practice we create and hold a sacred, safe space to access and restore the energy centers of the body. A restorative massage is achieved using the vibratory frequencies of Tibetan Singing bowls on and around the body.

Reiki and energy healing techniques are applied activating your body's own innate ability to replenish, restore and repair at a cellular level. 

Sound massage reduces stress, promotes deep healing and relaxation, decreases mood swings & pain, improves sleep and balances the energy centers of the body. The vibrations and frequencies penetrate deeply past the tissues and muscle, into the bone and recalibrates every cell of the body. 

Treat yourself to this ancient healing practice.  Dress comfortably, in layers.

Schedule your 60 or 90 minute session and treat yourself (and your sweetie) to a slice of pure heaven....


Cheryl Yamamoto

Sound Healing Massage Practitioner

Cheryl Yamamoto, E-RTY200, is a Certified Sound Healing and Reiki Massage Practitioner as well as a Certified Yoga Teacher for over a decade and has dedicated her life to the practice of Yoga and Wellness. Cheryl’s loving and healing touch, along with her calming voice, guide you into a deep meditative state. She creates and holds a sacred and safe space for your energy, using the vibratory frequencies of the bowls, and applied Reiki techniques. It is in this altered state that our body’s own natural innate ability to receive, repair and replenish, is activated and achieved.

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