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Wellness Delivered  

Bringing your team wellness with aloha

Pineapple Life delivers certified wellness instructors with hands on guidance right to your workplace, creating a wellness escape and balanced environment that transport your team to a state of balance and rejuvenation. 

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Going Beyond Employee Engagement 

Research shows that a company providing consistent means of wellness leads employees to feel better both mentally and physically, guiding them to become more efficient in every aspect. Your work force feels valued, increasing loyalty and retention. Employees feel healthier and happier, decreasing absenteeism and a multitude of other potential costs.

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Workplace Wellness

for a more balanced, focused, productive, and fulfilled team.

Offering a wide variety of informative, educational and intriguing workshops that include, but are not limited to, focusing through mindfulness, the impact of daily movement and the power of self care.

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Let's Deliver Some Aloha To Your Workplace!

  • Interactive Tool Kit for Busy Teams

    $85. per team member
  • Team Alignment Through Deeper Understanding

    $99. per team member
  • Team Experience

    $75. per team member
  • Individual Team InBody Scans + Consultations

    $79. per team member
  • in an Ever Changing World

    $65. per team member
  • Creating a Sustainable Work Life Balance Routine

    $75. per team member
  • The Science of Sound

    $75. per team member
  • Team Healthy, Happy and Focused!

    $99. per team member
Business Teams Balanced By Pineapple Life’s Workplace Wellness
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