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WorkWell is a commercial program that allows employees of any sized company to access Pineapple's digital wellness database of  physical + mental offerings under their employee benefits.

  • Accessible Anywhere + Any Time + Any Device.

  • Affordable + Tax Deductible.


WorkWell is designed to connect + motivate + improve mental and physical health for your employees' and their immediate families.

Encourages And Builds Balance


Offering A Diverse Variety Of State Of The Art Wellness.

Simple. Encouraging. Rewarding.

Barre. Cardio. Challenges. Family Workouts. KettleBell. Meditation. Mindfulness. Motivation. Pilates. Recipes. Spanish Content. Strength Training. Yoga. Zumba

Available to your employee(s) + their immediate family.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device.

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