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Marisa Ranola

Instructor & Pineapple Member Services

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  • Favorite music, artist, genre

New Wave - all-time favorite band is the Cure with Depeche Mode a close runner up

  • Why Pineapple?

I fell in love with Pineapple Life as soon as I stepped foot into the studio. The community was (and is) so welcoming and friendly. It felt like such a good fit. I fell in love with fitness when my husband and I made lifestyle changes for weight loss and lowering cholesterol. Through exercise and healthy eating, my husband is no longer on the medications he was. Once Covid hit, I decided to make a career change. Knowing I loved fitness, but unsure if I could overcome my anxiety enough to speak in front of a group, I decided to bite the bullet and take the risk. Here I am today LOVING every minute of it! I love watching people's journey and progression and it brings me so much joy.

  • Favorite class at Pineapple?


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