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June 21st - July 22nd

If your birthday falls between June 21st - July 22nd then you are a cardinal water sun sign, Cancer.

Cancers are ruled by the Moon, which governs our moods and emotional nature. The moon changes signs every few days and Cancer natives are no stranger to experiencing sudden and frequent changes in their mood.

Aloha Cancer!

Capricorn Photo- ADOBE. DESIGN- CIERRA M

Featuring your Cancer signs' unique elements


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My Sign





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Ruling Planet


Traits of being a


This intuitive sign is ruled by the 4th house of home and family and Cancers feel the best when they have a secure and cozy home and family environment. These intuitive people are very intuitive and energy sensitive and are affected by their immediate environment. Like fellow water signs, Pisces, Cancer folks can walk into an empty room and “feel” the energy from whomever was last in the room. The need to safeguard themselves from absorbing negative energy or being around energy vampires or people and places that cause them to feel drained.

Cancers crave being at home with family and can fear being alone and Cancer children do not do well moving or changing homes frequently. Cancers are best suited with earth signs Capricorn and Taurus as earth holds water and water mixed with earth provides fertile soil for the relationship to grow in. Super unique Aquarius and freedom loving Sagittarius relationships will require Cancer to give them a lot of space and time and will take more work.

This is one of the most emotionally intelligent signs of the zodiac and certainly one of the most nurturing and mothering of all signs. Cancer is known as the Mother, and has the capacity to be extremely empathetic with others oftentimes actually physically feeling the other person's pain.
This is why they often stay in toxic relationships, because they can relate on an emotional level with the other souls trauma, but they must also realize they can’t “save” the other person and be willing to let go and move on when the relationship becomes toxic.

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Discover your Cancer strengths and weaknesses to empower yourself to make your own positive changes to create harmony & balance.



Positive Traits

Intuitive, Empathetic, Nurturing, Caring, Mothering, Emotional Intelligence


Negative Traits

Toxic relationships, emotional instabilities, mental depression, self-isolating

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Most Compatible Match

Pisces & Capricorn

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Least Compatible Match

Sagittarius or Aquarius

Running in Nature

 I Crave

Cancer craves being at home with family.

Meditation by the Sea

I Fear

Cancer fears being alone.

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My Mantra


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Best Professions

Counselor, Homemaker, Real Estate Broker, Write, Baker, Historian, Childcare, Teacher, interior Designer, Computer System Analysis, Physical Therapist, Content Editor, Entrepreneurship

Balancing Cancer

Discover your Cancer strengths and weaknesses to empower yourself to make your own positive changes to create harmony & balance.

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Due to being ruled by the moon, this can make Cancer natives a little emotionally unstable or extremely moody. The tendency is to emote and then withdrawal into their crab shells of perceived safety.

Cancer rules the stomach in the physical body and the breast, chest, and diaphragm and imbalances can manifest as gas or bloating, indigestions, excess fluid, and emotionally it can lead to depression and emotional sensitivity or stagnation, even mental depression.

Gentle and caring, this sign will remain loyal in relationships. Deeply sentimental they often make great parents but at times can tend to be a little over protective, but it comes from a place of love.

Cancers have the ability to intuit almost anything and anyone, it is very hard to lie to this sign as they will just know instinctively when something is off. Ruled by the moon and the moon is ruled by the second Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, which is the water realm of emotion and intuition. It is very important for Cancer to develop their psychic skills and to work out past traumas through the subconscious realm, via guided meditation or deep trance or past life regression work.

Cancers will benefit from having a creative outlet such as writing, reading, painting, singing, or song writing. Without this outlet many Cancers get weighed down by their strong emotions and the emotions of others and will either self isolate or experience mental instabilities and depression.

One of the best ways to balance the energy is to remain grounded through yoga and strengthen your intuition through meditation. Child’s Pose is a great pose for all Cancer folks to practice daily as it will allow you to self soothe and care for your inner child.

Unique Health & Physical traits of being a


Learn your sign's strengths weaknesses and how to empower yourself to make your own positive changes to balance and influence your future.


 Tissue State

Damp/Stagnation & Cold/Depression

Yoga Practice

Body Part

Breast, Chest, Stomach, Diaphragm, upper alimentary system

White Structure


Gas, bloating, wet coughs, crohn's disease, indigestion and digestive diseases, sinus infections, cysts in breast tissue, edema, excess fluid retention, emotional stagnation and depression, oversensitivity to emotions

Sunrise over the Wheat Field


Trust yourself and others, learning to self soothe, warming teas and dry herbs, dry skin brushing, lymphatic cleansers, yoga and meditation.

Yoga at Home

My Rituals

Psychic Development, Deep Trance and Meditation, Past life regression, Self empowerment

Best Yoga Pose

Chid's pose


My Herbal Allies

Aloe Vera, Dandelion, Ginger, Chamomile


Essential Oils

Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender

Cancer is the Cardinal modality and therefore many are born entrepreneurs as they like to be their own boss and they have the discipline and drive needed to be successful in work related endeavors.

Because of their ability to be deeply empathetic, Cancers also make great counselors and therapists or coaches. They also do quite well with anything related to home and family like a homemaker, interior designer, architect, or real estate agents, they are amazing with children due to their innate nurturing nature and this also makes them great teachers.

Best profession for cancer

The best fit professions according to your unique astrological sign 


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