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Creating Ease within the Effort

Somewhere along the way we’ve all been convinced that overworking ourselves into oblivion will ultimately result in achievement, accomplishment, advancement - even happiness. So many of us are deeply immersed in the prevalent hustle culture of our society, booking out our calendars, working physically and mentally far beyond our bandwidths, and never ever taking a break.

Like, a real break.

And somewhere along the way, this mentality has become a status symbol of success in and of itself. Almost as if, the busier one appears, the more successful they must be.

Hard work is brilliant, don’t get me wrong. But as with all things, there needs to be significant ease to match the effort. There needs to be a middle ground. Burning the candle at every single end may seem like the single best way to reach the desired destination, but… if you reach your imagined destination a frazzled burnt out ember of your former self, it might not feel as entirely successful as we’d hoped.

Many of us might consider taking care of our own well being an indulgent undertaking. Have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t have time for THAT” when considering meditation or mindfulness practices? Have you ever said to yourself, “I can’t afford THAT,” when considering bodywork, such as massage, Reiki, and the like? It might seem counterintuitive to nurture yourself first, so that you can continue to nurture your obligations.

I had separate conversations with two practitioners last week who were doing just that. Both of them have historically been extremely successful in their careers, in caretaking of family, in doing all the things all the time. They each shared they realized they needed to make some adjustments, because while their careers were sailing; while all the boxes on their to-do lists were being diligently checked, their mental and physical health were suffering. Most of us wait to acknowledge the inevitable. We might wait until we are truly at our wits end, or even worse - sick, to make necessary adjustments. But as I read recently, “we must take care of our health, it has no alternative.”

Let this be your invitation to make an investment in your most valuable possession - the gift of your mind/body. We’re here to nourish you on every level, physically, mentally, and beyond. We’re here to refuel, recharge, and uplift you so that you can go back out into the world as the very best version of yourself, strong, centered, and at ease.

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