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What we wish you knew...

It might surprise you to know that we (instructors) think of y’all (students) quite often.

You matter to us perhaps more than we’re able to convey in our 60-or-so-minute

classes. Over time we have the pleasure of getting to know your personalities, your families, your ailments, struggles, preferences, your goals, and victories. There’s a phenomenon that happens to me every so often when I’ll think of a student I haven’t seen in some time as I’m driving in to teach, only to have that very student show up for class. You’re on our minds, and we’re rooting for you - supporting you more than you know!

In that vein, here are some things we, as instructors, wish we could tell you over and over again until you knew them all deeply.

We appreciate you just as you are. Showing up for class is oftentimes the hardest part, and we fully acknowledge that. We honor you for simply being present. Whether you have the most energetic class of your lifetime, or whether you’re listening to internal cues to slow down - we support you.

When you step on your mat, there is no judgment, no comparison, and no competition. Definitely not from us, and hopefully not from yourself. There’s enough of that in our everyday lives, right? Classes are non-performative. Meaning, there is less emphasis on how you think you look during class (or how you think *we* think you look) and rather how class makes you feel.

The space (particularly for yoga and meditation classes) is designed to be a sanctuary for you. We want to see you leave the complicated world as you/we know it, on the other side of the studio door. That means, giving yourself and the other folks in the space the sheer gift of no distracting devices, no outside conversation or chatter, and a full 60 committed minutes to reconnect to yourself. We understand this can be challenging, and even inconvenient. But it’s so worth it, and we want that for you.

We want you to give yourself grace. Everything you do in the studio is a journey in and of itself. There is no final destination. We love love love when you finally land the arm balance you’ve been working toward, or accomplish a goal you’ve set. But we also love when we see you take a sip of water when you need it or lie down when that feels most sensible. I personally love when I see somebody gently smile instead of grimace when they fall out of say, dancer pose. Every day is different. You deserve grace.

We hope that you give us (your instructors) grace, too. We want to please and hold space for each and every one of you, which can be challenging in a room full of widely varied preferences. We design classes, playlists, and themes in hopes of offering something relevant for everyone who shows up. But it’s possible (likely even) that each class will land a little differently for every person there. Our ultimate intention is to offer you something helpful, inspiring, and challenging - even though we know we can’t make everybody one hundred percent happy one hundred percent of the time.

We want you to take something with you when you leave. The practice doesn’t end when you roll up your mat. We’re so happy you came to class, and we’d be beyond elated if you took all the centered, clear, empowered, peaceful gratitude you worked to cultivate in class, back into the world.

Ultimately, you matter to us. We appreciate your hard work, your unique contribution to our community, and your support. You are amazing, and we see you!

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